Safety & Quality



The main objective of Awilco Technical Services AS quality activities is the satisfaction of our customers.

Awilco Technical Services will attain and maintain a level of quality to the best in the business, ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our performance through application of international standards for quality and safety, including those of ISO and ISM, or as relevant for the respective service activity.


Awilco Technical Services mission statement is: 

“Marine Transportation through Safety and Environmental Excellence”.

Company’s Goals and Objectives:

Awilco Technical Services main goal is a safe and efficient ship operation with no accidents, personal injury, environmental damage or damage to equipment.

These goals will enable Awilco Technical Services to achieve and maintain the highest standard of safe operation, meeting all environmental protection requirements and manage safe custody of our vessels, owner’s interests and customers’ cargoes and thus make Awilco Technical Services the shipping company of choice.

To achieve these goals we have identified some core objectives that describe our focus and our continuous improvement process;


Safeguarding of our people, ships and cargoes

The ships shall be operated well maintained and safe for crew, visitors, cargo and the environment. Quality operations are supported by an experienced, educated and well trained staff onboard and ashore.

Awilco Technical Services shall adhere to national and international laws and regulations and constantly promote “best practices” identified within its own operation and the industry in order to improve individual crewmembers and vessel safety performance.

The Company’s senior management shall actively engage in monitoring the Company’s performance in order to future encourage and promote positive trends, to provide advice and to take corrective action where negative trends are detected.


To limit any negative impact on the environment

Through our long term goal of environmental excellence, we wish to minimise the impact on the environment from the organisation. A zero tolerance for spills to the environment has been adapted. Additionally there is a zero tolerance for emissions of Ozone depleting substances and a zero tolerance for unauthorised disposal of any type of garbage or waste to the marine environment. The Company strives to minimise as far as practicably possible the emission to air and sea from all sources, which is sought achieved by a strong focus on use of renewable resources, energy conservation, new technology in equipment and machinery, and use of after treatment and cleaning systems.


To meet or exceed the industry and our customers’ requirements through operational excellence

Our long term goal of operational excellence shall be met by; zero tolerance for machinery breakdowns caused by inferior maintenance procedures, and zero tolerance for loss of cargo or cargo contamination caused by lack of education and continuous training of the vessel’s crew.


To provide a stable and challenging work atmosphere

For all Company employees both in the office and onboard the vessels the work atmosphere shall be stable and challenging by high retention rate and motivating work. Proactively the Company shall seek to identify requirements and needs for additional training through regular audits, Master and Management reviews. A healthy lifestyle shall be promoted by providing fresh and healthy food and physical exercise opportunities.